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Nudibranchs of the World, the new "Book of the Year" (according to German dive magazine UNTERWASSER, 12/07). More... ( 187 KB)


Publishes species

The following of my photos have just been published in the new book and perhaps future benchmark Nudibranchs of the World (10/2007) by Helmut Debelius and Rudie H. Kuiter:

Trapania sp. 7
Trapania sp. 7
Tulamben, Bali

  This Trapania species seems to be very rare! Only a few records are known so far.

This photo of an egg-laying couple was taken in the house reef of Tauch Terminal Tulamben in Bali. It is the first record for Indonesia. (Nudibranchs of the World, p. 18)
More photos...

Nembrotha livingstonei
Nembrotha livingstonei
Donggala, Sulawesi

  This Nembrotha species represents the first record for Indonesia as well! All other records were reported from Australia.

The photo was taken during a close-to-equator dive in Donggala/Sulawesi at the Prince John Diveresort. (Nudibranchs of the World, p. 58) See also...

Ceratosoma sp.
Ceratosoma sp.
Ceratosoma sp. 6
Khao Lak, Thailand

  This Ceratosoma species is still undescribed and has been classified as a new subspecies. The photo was taken at Khao Na Yak in Khao Lak/Thailand and is the first record so far!

Rudie H. Kuiter:
"This amazing looking slug shows great resemblance to the Long-nose Filefish 'Oxymonacanthus longirostris' in its colouration. Is this a case of mimicry? From what we know in other similar cases the slug would be the model and the fish the mimic, but, as these photos may be the first record of this species, the model appears to be extremely rare. Was it once common?" (Nudibranchs of the World, p. 105) More photos...

Hypselodoris zebrina
Hypselodoris zebrina
Khao Lak, Thailand

  This Hypselodoris species resembles H. kanga. It was just recently newly classified and seems to be endemic for the Andaman Sea.

The photo was taken with Kon-Tiki Diving School (today iQ-DIVE) at the legendary Boonsung Wreck in Khao Lak/Thailand. (Nudibranchs of the World, p. 125) See also...

Chromodoris naiki
Chromodoris naiki
Khao Lak, Thailand

  Chromodoris naiki seems to be a rare species which is only known from Sri Lanka and Thailand so far. This photo represents one of only a few existing photo records!

The photo was taken again at the great Boonsung Wreck (Nudibranch paradise!) in Khao Lak/Thailand. (Nudibranchs of the World, p. 151) See also...

Chromodoris sp. 12
Chromodoris sp. 12
Tulamben, Bali

  According to Rudie H. Kuiter this Chromodoris species is still undescribed but resembles the well known and widely distributed Hypselodoris bullockii (p. 117).

The photo was also taken in Tulamben/Bali and seems to be the only photo record so far. (Nudibranchs of the World, p. 155) See also...

Chromodoris michaeli
Chromodoris michaeli
Nusa Kode, Komodo
  Chromodoris michaeli seems to be only known from Indonesia and the Philippines so far. This photo of a new colour variation represents a new regional photo record!

The photo was taken at Nusa Kode in the fascinating Komodo Islands N.P./Indonesia. (Nudibranchs of the World, p. 173) See also...


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