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Dive Operators

Undersea Adventures, St. Ives, Cornwall/England
Fantasea Dive Club, Dahab, Sinai/Egypt
Dahab Divers Lodge, Dahab, Sinai/Egypt
iQ-DIVE, Khao Lak, Phang Nga/Thailand
Pro Dive, Cairns, Queensland/Australia
Deep Sea Divers Den, Cairns, Queensland/Australia
Tauch Terminal Bali, Jimbaran, Bali/Indonesia
Tauch Terminal Tulamben, Tulamben, Bali/Indonesia
Paradise Palm Beach, Tulamben, Bali/Indonesia
Pigmy Bali Diving, Jimbaran, Bali/Indonesia
Prince John Diveresort, Donggala, Sulawesi/Indonesia
Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort, Dauin, Negros/Philippines

Travel Infos and more...

Dive & Dream, Dive travels and Liveaboards to Indonesia
Infos about Khao Lak, 'Loose'-author Richard Doring
Blue Dolphin Tours, Whale watching in Hervey Bay, Queensland/Australia
Komodo Nationalpark, World of the Dragons
"SY Adelaar", Liveaboard Cruises to the Komodo Islands
MySeaStar, Diver's Community
www.taucher.net, Diving Infos and more...


www.medslugs.de, Erwin Köhler
Sea Slugs from the Philippines, Erwin Köhler
The German Slug Site, Dr. Wolfgang Seifahrt
Slugsite, Michael D. Miller
Sea Slug Forum, Bill Rudman
Nudibranchs from Australia, Gary Cobb & David Mullins
Okinawa Slug Site, Robert F. Bolland
umiushi - Japanese Sea Slugs, Jun Imamoto

Seahorses & Co.

Project Seahorse, Advancing Marine Conservation
www.seahorse.org, Everything about seahorses
Seepferdchenforum, Infos about species, keeping etc.
SeahorseMania, Equipment and feed for breeding seahorses

UW Photography & Marine Biology

Fishbase.org, the ultimate fishfinder
Neville Coleman's World of Water, Marine publications and UW photos
Coral Reef Creatures, Doug & Elaine Stamman Segar
Save the Mantas, Protection and conservation
Sharkproject.org, Shark Protection and Research
Oceanic Impressions, Mark Strickland
Stephen Wong & Takako Uno, bloody popups but good stuff
Zubi's Wetpages, UW photography, Marine Biology and more...
Stuart Hutchison's UW photography (Leafy seadragons!)
Life at the Edge of Reef, Massimo Boyer & Paola Bearzi
UW Video/Photography, Ralf & Ulli Berkus
UW Photos, Thailand/Indonesia, Dieter Klinkhammer
www.scubadiving.hu, UW photography and more by Bobály Mihály


www.e-recht24.de, IT law & sample disclaimer
Java Applets, Robert Jeppesen
Guestbook & Counters, Christoph Kling
www.codelifter.com, JavaScript slideshow and more...
Web Toolbox/HTML & Co., Wilhelm Jansen
www.seitzeichen.de, Simply bookmark
www.snap.com, Link preview service


Nudibranchs of the World
by Helmut Debelius and Rudie H. Kuiter (ISBN: 978-3-939767-06-0)
1001 Nudibranchs: Catalogue of Indo/Pacific Sea Slugs: A Photoguide to the Sea Slugs of the Indo Pacific
by Neville Coleman (ISBN: 0-947325-25-5)
Reef Fish Identification Tropical Pacific
by Gerald R. Allen, Roger Steene & Paul Humann (ISBN: 978-1878348364)
World Atlas of Marine Fishes: 4.200 marine fishes from around the world with more than 6.000 photographs
by Helmut Debelius and Rudie H. Kuiter (ISBN: 978-3925919770)
Reef Fishes of the World
by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers (ISBN: 962-593-140-6)
Rotes Meer, Indischer Ozean
by Steven Weinberg (ISBN: 3-7688-1202-2)
Seahorses, Pipefishes and their Relatives: A Comprehensive Guide to Syngnathiformes (Marine Fish Families)
by Rudie H. Kuiter (ISBN: 978-0953909704)



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