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PS: The displayed species should just give an impression about the enormous variety in the dived areas. This list is not exhaustive - not by far... ;-)


Sea slugs (class Gastropoda) are divided into the subclasses of Prosobranchs (Prosobranchia), Heterobranchs (Heterobranchia) and Opisthobranchs (Opisthobranchia). The Opistobranchs consist of following orders:

The order of Nudibranchs (Nudibranchia) builds the largest group which splits into the following suborders:

Quick search: Alternatively you can search for specific species on www.uw-critters.de. Just enter the latin name (see Opisthobranchia species list) here...:

Opisthobranchia species list (lat. names)

List of own published photos from the new book Nudibranchs of the World (10/2007) by Helmut Debelius and Rudie H. Kuiter. More...

* Dorids (Doridina) with their numerous families and species are building by far the largest group within the order of Nudibranchs (Nudibranchia).

Their size in numbers is much larger than all other suborders together!


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