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Ghostpipefishes (Solenostomidae) are closely related to the family of pipefishes (Syngnathidae). The group consists of the only genus Solenostomus which contains six¹ different species:

A couple of Roughsnout Ghostpipefishes (Solenostomus paegnius) is trying to hide in sea-weed from UW photographer Winfried Werzmirzowsky. Or is it rather a mixed couple of S. paegnius and S. cyanopterus...?

The photo was taken in just 3 m of water in the fascinating Gilimanuk (Secret!) Bay in the western part of Bali.

  Winfried Werzmirzowsky u. S. paegnius Solenostomus paegnius
Gilimanuk Bay, Bali

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¹ Eventually the speci-
fication of the entire fa-
mily needs to be tho-
roughly renewed. First the systematic status of S. leptosoma is not yet surely determined.

Likewise there are still undescribed species with characteristics that do not match with none species.

Furthermore Orr & Fritsche found out in 1993 that S. paegnius and S. cyanopterus are possibly identical.


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