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I made my first experiences in the underwater photography with a Canon EOS 5 in an ewa-marine "plastic bag". Basically not a bad solution for beginners but very dissatisfying on the long run.

Permanent condensation problems and limited deep diving options don't really allow shooting proper UW photos.

Nevertheless, even with this beginner set one can sometimes take useful photos like the one of dolphin 'Oleen' and a snorkeler in Nuweiba, Sinai/Egypt.
Oleen and Snorkeler, Nuweiba, Sinai/Egypt Oleen and Snorkeler
Nuweiba, Sinai/Egypt

The approved Nikonos-V became my first "real" UW camera which opened the world of UW macro photography to me:

  • Nikonos-V & optical viewfinder DF-12
  • Strobe SB-105 with arm & tray
  • Lens UW-Nikkor 20mm/2.8
  • Lens W-Nikkor 35mm/2.5
  • Sea&Sea Extension tubes 35M-2 (1:2) & 35M-1 (1:1)
  • Nikonos Close-up outfit (1:3,5)

After two years of travelling me and my UW assistant got a bit tired of always dragging XXL-size luggage plus permanently f...ing around with airport staff during check-ins. So finally I sold my photo backback and UW photo case and bought a digital camera plus laptop - a very good choice:

  • Canon PowerShot S40
  • Canon UW housing WP-DC 300
  • Sea&Sea Strobe YS-25DX with flexible DX arm & tray
  • Sea&Sea Fiber optical cable
  • Sea&Sea Macro lens 2T (1:2)
  • Sea&Sea Conversion lens adapter

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