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Similan Islands
Similan Islands

Similan Islands
Similan Islands

Koh Bon
Koh Bon

Koh Bon
Koh Bon

Khao Lak, Thailand

Khao Lak is located about 80 km north of Phuket on the west coast of Thailand. It sadly gained worldwide attention on the 26th of December 2004 when a devastating tsunami rocked the area.

This terrible natural catastrophe seemed to be the death sentence for a growing region which was a hidden travel secret not long ago.

Despite big damages the people in the area do not let themselves down. Numerous rebuilding projects¹ are in progress and even now, just 18 months after the catastrophe, enough accomodations are already available.

For two seasons, beginning in 11/1999, Steffi and me worked as a Diving Instructor & Divemaster for the dive operator and 5*-IDC-Center Kon-Tiki (today iQ-DIVE) in Khao Lak. During this time we had plenty of opportunities to study the surounding dive sites.

Donald Duck Bay, Similan Islands Steffi at work
Donald Duck Bay
Similan Islands
  First of all for sure the famous Similan Islands, which are located only 2,5 h boat drive (or 1 h by speed boat) off the mainland and so well possible for day trips².

The Similan Islands offer superb underwater landscapes which are build of huge granite boulders. They remind of the Seychelles and belong to the best dive areas in the world.

Likewise colourful coral reefs and fascinating walls feature the islands as well as turqoise bays with excellent snorkeling and bathing options. Due to it's great diversity one can find sandy beaches on the eastern sites as well as rocky cliffs on the western parts.

The Similans (Thai: "Nine islands") offer more than 20 different dive sites and every single site is worth describing. Unfortunately this would exceed the space of this website by far. So please check out for further infos: www.iQ-DIVE.com

Due to the tsunami some reefs had been damaged but most of the dive sites of the Similans are largely unaffected.

Some more remarkable dive sites are just close by, either attainable via full-day or half-
day boat trip:

  Koh Miang (No. 4), Similan Islands Koh Miang (No. 4)
Similan Islands

  • Koh Bon (Mantas!)
  • Koh Tachai (Variety of species, reefs)
  • Boonsung Wreck (Nudibranchs, schooling fish, seahorses, ghostpipefishes, leopard sharks)
  • Premchai Wreck (Nudibranchs, schooling fish)
  • Khao Na Yak (Nudibranchs)

More dive areas are located further away and are only available via Liveaboard trip:

  • Surin Islands (Variety of species, reefs, schooling fish)
  • Richelieu Rock (Variety of species, reefs, seahorses, ghostpipefishes, whale sharks!)
  • Burma Banks/Mergui Archipelago (see above + silvertip sharks)
  • Hin Muang/Hin Daeng (Reefs, whale sharks!)


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Again seahorses and ghostpipefishes at the Boonsung Wreck! (Info from Ernst, 02/2006)

Diver's dreams, Koh Bon Diver's dreams
(Manta birostris)
Koh Bon

Manta Ray & Heinz, Koh Bon Manta Ray & Heinz
Koh Bon

¹ You will get further information about latest developments in Khao Lak from 'Loose'-author Richard Doring at: www.khaolak.de.

² Due to the greater distance to the Similans Islands only Liveaboard trips are possible from Phuket.


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