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Rare Species

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Antennarius maculatus
Clown Anglerfish (Juv.)
Antennarius maculatus
Tulamben, Bali

This juvenile Clown anglerfish (Antennarius maculatus) is one of several anglerfish species which I have observed in Bali/Indonesia already.

But this tiny little anglerfish baby measures just 1,5(!) cm, as small as a thumb nail. The photo was taken at the legendary Liberty Wreck in Tulamben/Bali.

Platax batavianus
Batavia Batfish (Juv.)
Platax batavianus
Tulamben, Bali

Only once(!) in more than 1.500 dives I had the unique opportunity to observe this rare juvenile Batavia batfish (Platax batavianus).

Adults¹ predominantly live in deeper waters. Even though juveniles keep staying in shallower dephts they are observed only seldom since they live perfectly hidden in hydroids and featherstars.

Exallias brevis
Leopard Blenny
Exallias brevis
Tulamben, Bali

Although the Leopard blenny (Exallias brevis) is widely distributed, it is just rarely seen by divers. This blenny is a very shy reef fish and lives hidden between various hard corals.

I took this shot in a depth of just 2,5 m, after waiting and aiming for some time in the house reef of Tauch Terminal Tulamben where most of the photos of this website were taken.

Pseudochromis steenei
Steene's Dottyback
Pseudochromis steenei
Tulamben, Bali

These rare Dottybacks (Pseudochromis) were discovered by Roger Steene² in Tulamben and have been named right after him. They are endemic³ for the region Bali to Flores.

It wasn't easy to take a photograph of this couple in the house reef of Tauch Terminal Tulamben since the aggressive male (orange) was permanently attacking my camera.

Synchiropus picturatus
Picturesque Dragonet
Synchiropus picturatus
Gilimanuk Bay, Bali

These beautiful Picturesque dragonets are rare bottom dwellers and live, amongst others, below the spines of Diadem sea urchins.

The photo location in West Bali supposes to be one of the western-most areas of circulation. Referring to literature their distribution range is limited to the triangle Philippines, North Australia and East Indonesia.

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¹ adult animals

² well-known UW photo-
grapher and publisher of many UW publications, marine guide books and others.

³ occuring only there.


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